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E-insights High Performance Systems Limited.

Smooth, Efficient, Effective!

Load Testing and other services to keep your site running smoothly.

E-insights provides assistance in the areas of load testing, website analysis, computer systems, and other large scale online operations. We offer over a decade of experience ensuring clients' computer systems meet or exceed customer and partner expectations, and our technical services and consulting keep your site's products and services are fresh and functioning flawlessly for your target audience.

Website analysis so you know where you stand.

Website analysis, cost evaluations, and performance optimization mean your site's infrastructure will be sized and configured to deliver the best possible experience to users--even at times of high traffic--while ongoing monitoring keeps your systems operating effectively as user demand changes and functionality is updated. You'll retain a loyal audience, not frustrate users with an alienating site experience.

Computer systems veterans who'll help walk you through it.

Our knowledge of computer systems spans beyond simply optimizing page speed and improving site functionality. E-Insights has helped clients through acquisitions and close linkages with partners, when extensive technical due-diligence experience is essential. Technical due-diligence investigations should be just as thorough and fact-based as financial and legal ones, and our services will ensure your plans are based on realistic expectations and solid data.

What's different about E-insights?

Cutting edge tools. Our analytics service SiteCheck determines all executable scripts, tracking pixels, cookies, and other third party items encountered while visiting a web site--so you can have confidence in protecting visitors' privacy, as well as in your own operations' performance.

Communication. (example of periodic reports?)

Discretion. All inquiries and assignments are treated in the strictest confidence.

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