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End User Perceptions of Page Speed

So important, if only it were easy to measur and track.

End user perception of page speed is critical to the success of a web site. Sites that appear to the suer to be slow allow interest to wander, tasks to be dropped and alternative sites to be explored. However, measuring and monitoring indicators of end user perceptions of page speed is challenging, despite and in part because of, the various tools and services available.

In this report, the results of various tools are comparted with each other and with manual assessments of page speed. Recommendations for the use of these tools in a practical context are presented.

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AWS Instance Pricing Options

So many to choose from.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a variety of pricing models for the provision of server instances. The purpose of this note is to illustrate several approaches to determining what the best pricing o ptions are in various situations, including situations where there is uncertainty in terms of time horizons and in which workloads are time varying.

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Trends on High Traffic Web Sites

This note describes the investigation one hundred high traffic web sites chosen from a diverse set of categories ranging from governmental trough news and sports. The investigation examined the quality/efficiency of delivery, to what extent sites were mobile aware and the use of third party cookies.

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Nine Good Reasons

To Periodically Review CDN Logs

Nine good reasons why it is worthwhile to, periodically at least, analyze CDN logs. (Oct 2013)

Given the prevalence of the use of Content Distribution Networks for large sites, their potential impact on end-user performance and their costs, it is disappointing how rarely the logs form such networks are reviewed.

While the sheer volume of data in such logs can be a challenge to deal with, at least a periodic review of their contents should be undertaken. This note identifies some the valuable information that can be gained by doing so.

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