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Real Time - Log Analysis Dashboard

Log Analysis Dashboard

Real Time

  • Trending of key performance metrics.
  • Comparisons by day over day or week over week.
  • Auto alerting.
  • Alert resolution tracking.
  • Long term trending on all metrics.
  • Access to drilldown data analysis.
  • Grouping of servers for reporting & alerting.

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Trending & Time Period Comparisons

Day over Day/Week over Week

Of All Metrics

  • Comparing today to yesterdays highlights changes.
  • Today vs same day last week.
  • Week over Week.

Long term Trending.

  • Long term ternding of all metrics.
  • Per metric graphics.
  • User selectable combinations of metrics and time ranges in data analysis window.

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Stress Tests- Performance Trending

Performance Under Load Trending

Part of the development / release cycle.

Identify performance issues before they get into production. Pinpoint the date at which symptoms began to identify root causes.

Comprehensive individual test reports to help narrow problems down.

Prior to Upgrades/Re-designs

Catch issues before they go live. Resolve them in the development environment without the added pressure of having publicly visible errors.

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Load Testing: Average Performance

Load Testing: Throughput & Error Rate

SiteCheck: End User Performance


Periodic Deep Test of Site

  • Find errors.
    • Broken references & links.
    • Incorrect mime types in responses, cache busting, etc.
  • Violations of best practices or site standards.
    • Missing or extra tracking calls & ad calls.
    • Overall size or time issues, etc.
  • Identify performance Issues.
  • Understand what 3rd-party content is being incorporated.
  • And how it is impacting end user experience.

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New 3rd-party functionality added mid December had a notable impact on page load speed as experienced by the end-user.

Sitecheck: Tracking End User Performance.

Frequent Checks of key Pages

  • How is the end user experience changing over time.
  • View by average times or compliance with defined threholds.
  • Are 3rd party sites impacting the user experience.
  • Are unanticipated 3rd party sites being incororated.
  • View by page or by site.
  • Compare behavior across multiple sites.

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Log Analysis High performance log analysis for arbitrary log types and server clusters. Supporting :
  • Auto Alerting.
  • Individual Server and Virtual Group reporting.
  • Paramater trending.
Load Testing Scalable and flexible load testing.
  • Scalable
    • Hundreds of clients per test machine
    • Arbitrary test machines - dynamically created
  • Flexible
SiteCheck Site testing and implementation analysis tool.
  • Choice of many browser types.
  • Masquerade browser agant.
  • Highly configurable test suites.
  • All results stored in DB for in depth analysis

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